Over the last nine years, Bass Coast Festival has risen to the top of the west coast festival circuit. The Bass Coast team has created a magical place where art projects are plentiful (and funded!), the music is cutting edge and the vibes are thick. Even prominent artists such as Om Unit have publicly praised Bass Coast as his favourite festival.

Each year, Bass Coast chooses a theme to which patrons base their outfits, accessories and camps around. 2016 was the year of “GOLD.” Coincidentally, it was also the year the Bass Coast shone brightest. In the year 2016, for the first time, Bass Coast sold out of advance tickets weeks prior to the actual event. For those keeping track, festival curators strongly believe in capping the event at 3,000 attendees in order to keep the tight-knit feel Bass Coast has become known for. 2017 is looking like it will sell out even quicker. As of a couple weeks ago, there were just 800 online tickets left for purchase.

We asked one of Bass Coast’s resident photographers, Michael Benz, to share some of the moments he feels makes Bass Coast the incredible event it has become known to be. Below are his best moments of 2016.



Radiant. The feeling of Bass Coast. These were the first steps into the sunlight and the first taste of the music. Pure happiness and expectation for a high quality weekend.



Unique. Showcasing the widest array and the highest talent both internationally, especially those artists that have made a great deal of influence in Canada. Humans are exactly that.



Determination. Isis Graham, aka Esette, has grown to become a massive force in western Canada. Facilitating knowledge, strength, experience and continually rising to newer limits, she emits influence on a great scale.



Attitude. Setting the tone for the bass-weight planned for our ears all weekend. A third of London’s Ivy Lab, exhibiting a unique take in his solo set, jungle and halftime D’n’B with no compromise. My personal highlight of Friday evening, Bass Coast 2016.



Luminous. The theme of Gold brought out everyone’s boldness. Some with the perfect accents and wonderful taste.




Incandescence. Every year, Radio Stage in the afternoon creates an infectious feeling of confidence and freedom. A portrait with such feeling always comes from this, this year with Rachel Cook. Thank you for this one.



In the groove, kicking off the early evening at the Radio Stage, with some serious sounds. A bass music filled Saturday night, with some of Vancouver’s best showcased.



One of the most anticipated sets of the weekend, closing out main stage. Some of the most experimental and creative music under their belts, immense influence. Ultimate fulfillment.



Nurturing. Yearly Sachin teaches a very insightful class at The Brain, an instant favorite, especially for me. Raver-care, naturopathic approaches to self-care with a very interesting spin from one of the most charismatic individuals you can find at Bass Coast. A gem through and through.



The stage design behind Slay Bay was astounding, matched with some astounding visual work. Behold one of the unexpected sights you can come across when the dancefloor is alive. Lights shining in the dead of night.



Out of this world. A very unique selection of sonics from a very ambitious artist. A true taste maker playing some of the most wild music opening the eyes to the true boundaries to creativity. DVA flex.



Cohesive. The European flavor and feeling that we don’t get to experience enough. Out of Berlin, creator of some of the rawest 4/4 music you can come across.




Expression. Feeling it and not being afraid to lose yourself to it. &ME was a very anticipated artist and no one had a better time than Cody – no distractions, just feeling and freedom.



Proper. This man came straight from the UK with an unbelievable stack of records. One reggae set during the day, then deep in the evening smack in the middle of Sunday night, we heard dubstep in its truest form. All vinyl, the wildest cuts and some dubplates only to be crafted together by the one and only, Kahn.

Don’t miss out on Bass Coast 2016! To purchase your online tickets, click here. Stay tuned for a list of stores carrying physical tickets December 1, 2016.

Photos and descriptions by Michael Benz                                                                                                                                                                   Introduction by Kayla Graham



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