Baran Faber is well-known for his collaborative and entrepreneurial BassBus project. A reincarnated-timeworn-school bus turned mobile stage and entertainment machine. Music, community and the hallowed festival atmosphere have been extremely important artistic elements for Baran personally and creatively. He and his  BassBus partner, Joel Ferguson, are in the business of connecting Calgary’s cultural community through these avenues in sustainable and inventive ways. Baran and Joel have now co-founded an initiative entitled Root Connection. Freq chatted with Baran to explain the concept behind promoters working together, in order to provide a multifaceted experience for Root Connection “passport” holders.

FREQ: Can you explain the intention behind

Baran Faber: is a new way to access events. ‘ONE’ was the first event to utilize the system. Root Connection is like a ticketing system, except instead of tickets you sign up for a ‘passport’. You receive a physical card that is customized with your name and passport number. The card is tied to your Root Connection account, anytime you purchase access to an event through Root Connection all you need to access the event is your card. It’s also a network for finding out about events. Right now we are running a pilot program and testing the system with only BassBus events being listed. In the near future, Root Connection will open up to third-party promoters as well.

FREQ: How was your first event ONE received?

BF: Amazing. The energy level was at a high. The artists were excited to be there. Sets were dialed, the dance floor was alive and the live art was absolutely amazing. Getting over 500 people in attendance at a locals show is pretty awesome. We are calling it a success. Our next event is coming up shortly, Gradient Vol 1. May 29th.

FREQ: Why are events like ONE important for Calgary?

BF: We live in a world where ticket sales and events are usually driven by big name acts. We felt that it was equally important to host a quality show where the focus is on the local talent we have right under our nose. Root Connection has a bunch of extra benefits as well. Once you have a passport, you can get discounts to events and reduced service fees. We’ve also included a community kick back program, which kicks a portion of every sale using a passport to an arts focused non-profit organization.

FREQ: How do you and the Bassbus team stay creative?

BF: We create events because we are truly passionate about them. We figure, if we create events that we would want to attend with artists we would want to see, then we can bet that other people have fun. The most important outcome for us is sustainable fun. That means sustainable for the environment, for the artists, and for ourselves. It has always been so important for us that the artists at our events get paid. There are a lot of people doing great things in this city and we could never fit them all into one show. That being said, we don’t have a date locked yet for ‘ONE.1’, but it will happen

Check out details on acquiring a passport at, as well as info on Gradient Vol. 1 Featuring Dimond Saints, Gladkill and HUMANS May 29th, here.


By: Natasha Puka

Photo By: CS Imaging


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