Binzento Vincente

Having grown up in Hong Kong, one of the most multicultural cities on earth, it’s no surprise Vincent Law is inspired by the people and places of the world. For the past year and a half, he has been sharing his fascination with the blogosphere through his colourful blog, Binzento Vincente.

“I am fascinated with culture, and the way people behave differently when living in different environments,” he says as we stand atop a parkade in downtown Calgary on the day of the Freq shoot.

Collaborating with bloggers from around the world allows him to bring a global perspective to Calgary’s blossoming fashion scene. “It’s dynamic; it’s nice to see their approach in writing and the stuff they post, which is a lot different to how it is over here. The benefit goes two ways because I have gained contacts and followers from other countries through these collaborations.”

Though there may not be as much going on in our city as the hot spots with more established fashion scenes, Vincent still wants to highlight the city he now calls home, and what progress we are making from a cultural standpoint. “I do feel proud that I live in this city; I always try to show and write the best of Calgary. It’s cool when one of my overseas readers’ comments that they want to travel to Canada one day and visit me!”


diesel dress shirt (underground) $215
varvatos jacket (underground) $475
diesel jeans (underground) $425
topamn elbow band $24
tatty devine earing $50
zara sneakers $30

k2 factory cape $200
vintage chateau works shirt $50
h&m pants $15
aldo ankle leather boots $130
assorted jewlery

g-star tee (underground) $110
k2 factory scarf $100
topman indian pin $24
club monaco rope belt $50
evisu oversize jeans $300
topman headband $2
puma sneakers $90

photographer: tyler stalman (
makeup: jordan reimer (
article by: josephine cruz (


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