Outfit 1:

Shirt: Fillipa K
Sleeveless work shirt: MHL by Margaret Howell
Pants: t by Alexander Wang
Shoes: Gravitypope est 1990 x Rosa Mosa


Outfit 2: 

Romper: Engineered Garments
Shoes: Bosabo – Rosko


Outfit 3:

Shirt: MHL by Margaret Howell
Dress: Stephan Schneider
Pants: Hope – Krissy
Shoes: Rosa Mosa – Bobo


Outfit 4:

Shirt 1: Forte_Forte
Shirt 2: Filippa K
Pants: Studio Nicholson – MONTI
Shoes: Bosabo – 318

Outfit 5:

Dress: MHL by Margaret Howell – Workshirt Dress
Shoes: See By Chloe – SB26186

Outfit 6:

Shirt: MHL by Margaret Howell – Linen Sleeve T-Shirt Cotton Melange White
Pants: Fillipa K
Shoes: Gravity Pope

Model – Erin Treschel – Sophia Models

Hair – Kim Seibel – Hedkandi 8th St

Styling – Jess Avery / Liam Lefrance

Photographer – Brendan Klem

Fashion Editor – Kim Noseworthy 

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