Barcelona’s Iván Ramos has led and continues to lead an astounding life, encompassed with versatility and accomplishment. Also known by his DJ/producer alias Coyu, Ramos has spent some time as a prolific music journalist, after studying political science. Now, Ramos is celebrating nearly 15 years in the music business and has become one of the most in-demand DJs and producers, runs one of the hottest labels in dance music with an affiliated fashion line and Barcelona-based store, and—if that all wasn’t enough—he and his girlfriend, a veterinarian, run a non-profit foundation that endeavors to provide a better life for the street cats of their hometown.

His label, clothing line (all ethically made, environmentally-conscious, adorned delightfully with cats) and the foundation all fall under the same moniker: Suara. It began as a sub-label of his first imprint, Atypical Farm, which he explains was more oriented towards proper techno.

I wanted a second label that could be closer to the new musical waves and trends,” says Ramos. “Some years later, Suara became a relevant label and I decided to focus all my energies on Suara and stopped releasing music with Atypical Farm.”

Three or four years into Suara, Ramos and his girlfriend began helping street cats near their home, and ultimately made it official by launching the Suara Foundation. Between launching the Suara Store in Barcelona to provide an outlet for the fashion line and the Cat House, to provide a home for the Foundation, Ramos has been exceptionally busy—even by his standards. “That means spending a little bit less time on the road. But I’m not saying 2017 wasn’t good in terms of gigs,” Ramos explains. “Actually, I think 2017 has been the craziest year of my life.”

This year has already seen Coyu perform at events like Movement in Detroit, DGTL in Barcelona and clubs and parties the world over. Suara also had a successful weekly party in Ibiza and their store hosted a four-day Showroom during the week of Sonar Festival.

Ramos says that he strives to tailor his sets for each particular venue, crowd, setting, etc. At the time of interview, Ramos was in Cape Town, had been in Belfast the day before, Istanbul the week before, would be in Mexico the week following and then at the Dirtybird Campout the weekend of October 6.

By: Paul Rodgers

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