With the second ever Alberta Electronic Music Festival just around the corner, it’s time for team Freq to bring you our conference picks. From daytime to nighttime programming, there’s so much going on. Our AEMCON schedules are going to be jam packed, and we hope that yours are too.

Magdalena’s picks  – Culture Editor

Organizing and Managing a Large Scale Event- Sat Nov 19- 1pm- 2pm

If you’ve ever been at a festival and had that moment where you stopped everything to just look around and admire the sheer scale of where you are and how it all happened, you might realize there must be certain people responsible for bringing you that reality through their unyielding vision and very hard work. That team of do-ers are the type of human who bring their ideas to fruition no matter how daunting the task may seem. Attending this panel is a rare chance to hear some incredible pointers from the experiences of the founders and organizers of some of Western Canada’s most loved festivals. These natural leaders are creative, can delegate, and make our world a happier place due to their dedication to community events. If you’ve ever wondered how it all happens, join The Festival Panel- Organizing and Managing a Large Scale Event with Andrea Graham (Bass Coast), Baran Faber (Circle & Bass Bus), Maud Salvi (Sled Island), Jordan Smoliak (Astral Harvest) and Christine Hunter (Shambhala) on the Main Floor of the National Music Centre.

Bring Out Your Dead Vinyl Sale and Swap Meet – Sun Nov 20 – 10am to 5pm

I’m really looking forward to the conference’s many participating venues to be abuzz with the many genres repped at AEMCON. That said, my other pick isn’t one particular act, but what you might discover dipping your toes into one of the many venues of AEMCON—The Hifi Club, Studio Bell, The National Music Centre, Beat Drop, Nite Owl, Habitat and catching an artist you may have not heard of before.

Just so you don’t think my pick to “just try and go to everything” was a total cop out, I will also suggest all you heads definitely get to the DJ and producer focused “Bring Out Your Dead Vinyl Sale and Swap Meet”, presented by the Dead Vinyl Society, Sunday November 19th at Studio Bell at the NMC (850 4 St SE) from 10 AM to 5 PM. This is a free event open to all conference delegates and the general public. With listening booths set up, and tables available for displaying your wax, this one’s sure to please both buyers and sellers—so bring down those quality DJ singles, sample records and electronic albums.




Sheena’s picks – Managing Editor

J. Phlip at Hifi Club – Sat Nov 18 –  doors at 9pm 

J.Phlip is my favourite Dirtybird member. Why? Because wherever she goes and what ever she does, she does it with an enthusiasm and skill that is always level 100 and beyond. With ponytail jumping, she lays down the sickest dark tracks, from an arsenal of her own crafting, of absolute dancefloor destroyers. I have seen her bring down large clubs like New York’s Output Club and Detroit’s Movement Festival to its knees. So prepared for the science to be dropped for her special set with opener Essette at The Hifi Club, Saturday November 18, starting at 9 PM.


Andrew Ryce – Saturday Nov 18 – 4:30 pm and Sunday Nov 19 – 12:30 p.m.

Music aficionado, and Resident Advisor correspondent Andrew Ryce, lives the life that small bloggers and music journalists can only hope to aspire to. Jet setting from one important musical location to the next, managing to write over 1000 cutting edge, music pieces and reviews that we have grown to rely on, while walking the streets of London, New York and Berlin. This former Vancouver resident, now L.A. transplant, has dedicated his life to nightlife, queer culture, electronic music, hip-hop and R&B. Nothing escapes his acute ear.

Ryce will be sharing advice, stories and pitfalls at AEMCOM’s discussion about Using PR and Media to Support your Career, Sunday, November 19 at 12:30 PM. Alongside members of Alberta’s music community, including our music editor from Freq. Magazine, Kayla Graham. Also catch him on Saturday at 4:30 p.m. conducting a special one-on-one interview with synthesizer expert John Leimseider.

Kayla’s picks – Music Editor

Music Workflow Masterclass With Nomine – Saturday Nov 18 – 1:15 p.m.

This class is a chance to sample Nomine’s musical brilliance in the classroom environment he creates in England. Having recently interviewed him, I know firsthand of his passion for teaching and sharing information. Getting the opportunity to take one of his classes in Canada is not going to come again. No matter what your genre of choice is, Nomine has at the very least tampered with it. His belief is a producer that tries to make all the genres is in the end a stronger producer, and that is what helps one find their sound. Nomine is a deep well of musical information, and this chance is one of a kind for those that want to bring their studio game to the next level.

SpectraSoul at Nite Owl – Friday Nov 17 – doors at 9pm

If you like drum and bass at all, do not miss this show. These two have put out some of the genre’s most recognizable tunes without being too poppy and fluffy, which is something that’s really hard to do. They have releases on pretty much every relevant drum and bass label of the day, and recently put out an Essential Mix that was fire. It’s not often that drum and bass artists get a chance to flex on an Essential Mix, so it means something when they do. Oh, and Nomine will also be playing at this show, so it’s a double win.


Tickets for AEMCON are still available. Click here for purchase.

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