Bass Coast is here yet again and anticipation for this annual event’s eighth year is through the roof. If you haven’t finished packing or are not on route to Merritt, B.C. yet, then have a listen while doing so and get yourself acquainted with six of this year’s artist from the line-up. Or, if you are unable to attend Bass Coast 2017, enjoy some of the music that will be played this weekend from the comfort of your own living room.

Paul Woolford


A true house and techno master, Paul Woolford is a first-rate class act that you won’t want to miss this year at Bass Coast. Featured on some of the world’s most reputable music labels, Planet E, Hotflush Recordings, and Phonica, Woolford is known for his high taste level and experiments in four to the floor sound. Have a listen to this mix for Resident Advisor below.


Project Pablo


Coming out of Montreal, this Canadian house producer possesses a unique quality in both his studio productions and live shows that are totally distinct and all his own. Deep house with a loungy, jazzy aesthetic, Project Pablo will lead Bass Coasters on an uplifting sonic journey. Check out his live set at Montreal’s Mutek Festival for your listening pleasure.





Local Vancouverite and Pacific Rhythm representative, DJ D. DEE, will be joining us at Bass Coast this year. A classic DJ, his selections always superior, rinsing rarities both new and old for his audiences to lose themselves on the dancefloor to. There is a reason this local selector has been gaining a reputation across the pond within electronic music hubs such as London and Berlin. Listen to his NTS show and get ready for his set at the Radio Stage this Sunday.


Joe Nice


Despite being one of the most important and fundamental dubstep DJs within North America, if you ever meet Joe Nice, you probably wouldn’t even suspect it. Joe Nice is actually a very nice guy, like literally! And behind the decks he is just as real and down to earth, delivering old school dubstep straight from the roots of the genre. Check out his Sub FM mix below.




Right outta’ Croydon, this producer is one of the main reasons we have dubstep to begin with. A solid member of the scene that gave birth to what was originally a purely South London genre, Loefah is a connoisseur of the lower, bassier, and heavier frequencies. Attendees of Bass Coast will no doubt be making a beeline to his set at the Radio Stage this Saturday at 10:30 pm. Have a listen to his Swamp 81 set on Rinse FM below.


Little Simz

Little Simz's new album, Stillness In Wonderland, comes out Dec. 16.

This past year, Canada has certainly witnessed a new buzz and resurgence of energy around another South London born genre, grime. This year, Bass Coast is bringing the young and fresh, Little Simz, to provide us with a real education on the music style. For months, word has been spreading among Bass Coast regulars of this artist’s abilities on the mic. If you’re unfamiliar with this particular British sound, then pop on by the Main Stage on Sunday at 10 pm. Have a listen to Little Simz below.


Words: Hollie McGowan

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