It was June of 2016. Friends had gathered in my back yard for some summertime eats and drinks. While we ate and laughed, we took turns on DJ duties. A new exciting release had popped up from a mystery artist on Exit Records, Richie Brains. The identity of Richie Brains had yet to be revealed, and as we listened, a healthy dose of hypothesis and debate ensued.

“Listen! That’s definitely Alix Perez.”

“No way, this part is Om Unit for sure. And this part sounds like Binga.”


“No, Eprom!”

“But wait, what about Chimpo?”

It turned out we were all correct. However, we were missing one crucial part – Fixate. Since that fateful day, Fixate has gone on to play some of the most prolific and cutting edge sets around Western Canada this summer of 2017.

Also present in my yard that day was OpenEnd, Calgary DJ/producer extraordinaire. Since that day of new musical excitement, OpenEnd has been putting in tons of work in the studio, and sending his own releases out into the world. It seems like a good bit of fate that this Friday, OpenEnd will be part of the posse on opening duties for Fixate in the YYC.

We spoke to OpenEnd about what has led him to this point, as well as what we can expect from the show this Friday.

Freq: Getting started, tell me how OpenEnd got started down this crazy path of music, culture and crazy characters.

Looking back, I guess I can say that going to Shambhala Music Festival impacted me the most. I’ve been into many different scenes of music, playing instruments and jamming with friends my whole life, but it wasn’t until I experienced drum and bass through a PK sound system that I knew what I wanted to do. I got home from Sham and instantly started saving money for a DJ set up. Following that I started throwing parties in my hometown Okotoks, which led me to affiliation with local promoters inside the Calgary bass music scene. Simply playing gigs, networking and climbing the ladder has placed me where I am right now.

Freq: Like most, you started as a DJ. When did you make the conscious decision to start producing?

I was a resident DJ with two separate sound crews in Calgary, 403 DNB and the Supreme Hustle, for the better part of five years. I made the jump over to Noctilux Collective in 2015 to be part of a producer outfit. It seemed like the right decision for me as my sound was getting deeper and more experimental. To be specific though, I used to play around with Ableton here and there in my early 20s. It wasn’t until the last few years that I’ve been producing seriously.

Freq: For anyone thinking of taking the next step, what’s your advice on how to finally take the plunge?

Work, work, work. Stay in the studio, be persistent, be patient, be humble, have zero expectations, collaborate, learn from people, experiment, have an open mind, network, make connections, be yourself and most importantly, just enjoy the ride. Music is supposed to be fun. The moment you forget that, it becomes unnatural and forced, which leads to a lack of productivity. Just take it day by day and know that things take time.

Freq: Who would you consider your greatest influences, both in life and music?

Without question the people I surround myself with. I’ve got a circle of friends that are also producer/DJs that are all doing great things for themselves and have their own unique sound and style. We’re always communicating and keeping tabs on each other, so it’s nothing sort of inspiration from them. Shout out to Wolf Camo, Sanctuary, Huskie, Metafloor, Moonchild, Khiva, Noctilux Collective and Sub Chakra. When it comes to musical influences I’d have to say Om Unit and the whole Cosmic Bridge roster. Those guys are really just pushing boundaries and have mastered the concept of forward thinking drum and bass music.

Fixate poster

Freq: You’ve come to champion that gritty UK sounds being busted out by guys like Sinistarr, Greazus, as well as all the cats in Richie Brains. You’re part of the opening squad for one of them, Fixate, this week on Friday. What can you tell us about this event?

Yes, yes. We’re anticipating a very special night this Friday. Surprisingly it’s the first collaboration show from Noctilux and Sub Chakra in over two years! Fixate is definitely a groundbreaking artist that is leading the half time drum and bass movement with his own specific sound. I’ve also heard nothing but amazing things about his DJ sets. Leading up to that we have an elite lineup of locals including and out of town producer/DJ that goes by the name of Captivate. On top of that, we’ll be hosting this event inside a location that hasn’t been used as a party space in well over 10 years. All new things, which is something that keeps people excited to come out. We’re hoping this one goes off for the underground community.

Get tickets for Fixate here, or cop hard copies from Grassroots in Kensington. The location has been announced, the former Skybar upstairs of Saltlik on 8th Avenue SW.

secret location revealed





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