It’s that time of year again. The time in which the city is taken over by a vibe you can’t quite put your finger on. The streets are full of people celebrating and laughing, and there are way more bikes than usual. Downtown is coming alive.

Some would think I speak of Calgary’s annual Stampede – wrong. The string of amazing events I’m talking about is in fact Sled Island, the best time of the year for many Calgarians.

It’s a time of musical discovery, that’s a fact. Every Sled Island, I learn about at least five artists I didn’t know before June. That’s the draw for a lot of music lovers. The lineup is stacked, and there is just so much to do and see.

In this Sled Island edition of Freq hi-5, we speak to a local Calgary producer, smol. Over the years he has been putting in time, and has started a really awesome new collective “doyu” with some likeminded friends. Smol spoke to us about his plans for Sled, doyu, and the subsequent goals he has.

Freq: Hi Adam! You’ve worn a lot of musical hats over the years. Can you walk us through your musical identities and the genres they represent?

So back in 2010 I started Carbon Copy with my homie Stirling Donnelly. We did this DJ duo thing for about four years or so with 403DNB, and got into producing the last year of that. After doing d’n’b for four years straight, one day I literally just had enough and started making house music. Shortly after I rebranded as AdamAllDay. I produced under this moniker for about two years or so and started another side project for my returning love of d’n’b which was called Nova. I moved away from house music and the sounds from both these projects were fusing together and it was all quite confusing. I had no idea where I was taking anything musically and actually wanted to just give up. One night I was chilling at home being a sad dude and came up with the idea to make whatever kind of music I want and I was going to make that music for me – Smol was created. I write music that would fit into multiple genres. I try to keep it experimental and heartfelt. Sometimes the music is lush and pretty, sometimes it’s heavy and weird.

Freq: Smol is your latest musical persona, and you’re playing a Sled Island show as smol. What can we expect to hear coming from you?

I think I’m going to play chill stuff of all sorts. I open the night so I won’t get to showcase any of the heavier bass music I’m making but that’s fine. I love the fluffy stuff too. Going for that soul vibe.

Freq: You’ve started a new collective called “doyu”. What is doyu exactly?

doyu is a project I started with two people I actually didn’t know very well, they just manifested into my life and have become good friends since – Renald (slou) and Alberto (Shirohana). It came together in this really fluid natural way and in turn it’s keeping me together, I’ve never been this busy in my life and I’ve also never been so happy. doyu is a message – inspire others by doing yu. I was so depressed when I was making music as AdamAllDay because I was trying to replicate other people’s sounds and ideas, it just wasn’t satisfying in any way. Once I embraced my own weirdness and ideas I started dipping into this infinite well of inspiration. I want to bring people together, it’s something I enjoy doing. I guess you could say it charges my batteries. I think humans needs to break down walls and get people to interact with each other. Less judgment, more acceptance. We want to build a community where people can express themselves and feel good about it. I believe letting it all out and doing you is this contagious thing and I truly believe the revolution the world needs is nothing more than a personal one. We need to be honest with ourselves, with each other and make life a little better, day by day through music, dance, art and self-expression.

Freq: What are you looking for in new members of the doyu family? (Does it have to be music producers?)

New members make themselves a part of it. I am looking for people that are engaged, resourceful, driven and want to do this for the greater good. They can be a singer, piano player, tree climber, chef, whatever. I just want to incorporate people that do something they love and believe in as much as I believe in the message that is doyu. The music is our biggest means of bringing people together right now but we are also doing videos of people showing us what they’re talented at over the music, it’s a little thing called “show us what yudo”.

Freq: Where do you hope to see smol, doyu, and the rest of your projects in exactly one year from now?

Well Nova is a dead project, RIP. With AdamAllDay I would love to have at least one solid EP of greasy house music released through this alias but I wouldn’t be crushed if that didn’t happen – I just don’t have the time. As for smol I don’t really know how to measure my goals. I wrote down a certain amount of SoundCloud plays and how many tunes I’m going to make and thinking back on it right now I actually don’t even care about any of that. I think if I focus on the goal of simply being happy and grounded all the other good things will naturally follow. With doyu I would love to work with more local musicians outside of the producer world. I need someone with dank recorder skills to hit me up. I want to have our clothing line launched. I want to be able to donate money, of some sort of significant amount to a charity. Kids getting bullied is something I am really passionate about changing. I got bullied right out of a career playing classical piano as a kid and it sucked. I have since accepted it and have moved on but I don’t want to see kids crushing each other’s potential. The younger generation is our future and we need them to be inspired. I don’t know… my head is spinning. I have so many things I am working towards I could type a few pages but I don’t think that would be appropriate for this interview. I want more nice messages like the one I got this afternoon. A friend of mine told me that my talking about the mission through doyu inspired her to get her life together… that’s awesome! This is what it is all about. I want to do more of that.

Check out Hifi this Thursday June 22 for a night featuring OZZIE, OAKK, Silq, and of course our boy smol.

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