Calgary singer songwriter & performing artist, Keston is raising the bar. While trying to make it as an artist naturally comes with its own set of obstacles and frustrations, Keston has found a new disposition to shift his focus to, bringing about some serious positive change.

On March 31, 2017 Keston and his team will be releasing a music video that visually and audibly showcases support against domestic violence and cancer research, titled “The Don’t remix”. Through sharing this video, Keston aims to raise five thousand dollars for cancer research and programs at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre.

Keston and his team will be collecting donations throughout the month of April and will be donating one hundred percent of the profits to the Alberta Cancer Research Foundation. On April 29, 2017 they will be hosting an event to mark the completion of this fundraiser and will be revealing Calgary’s overall donation amount in celebration.

Intrigued by this generous project, Freq. had to get in touch with and find out more about the man behind the brilliantly heart-warming idea.



Freq: What are some struggles you have faced trying to break through the music scene in Calgary and Canada?

Keston: To be honest I have been writing for so long, discovering my sound and working on sharpening my craft, that I haven’t really come across many struggles other than the personal ones that all creative artists go through I’m sure. Writer’s block, inspiration etc.,… I know there will be more challenges but that’s where you get better and rock harder!


What inspired you to launch the “Don’t” Remix project to raise funds for Cancer research and programs at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre?

I actually created my rendition of Bryson Tiller’s “Don’t” around two years ago.  It was just a lil’ cheer up song for a very close friend of mine who had gone through and escaped from her own domestic violence situation.  I later found out that she had also lost her father to cancer as a child, so I decided to add onto the positive vibe I was going for with a simple video.  Her father was a great man who directly helped a lot of families through his land development company […] inspired by this, pink became my visual theme to show support for cancer research.  Although I never met him, I know he would still be helping people to this day if he could. This project will keep that going. As soon as I reached out to the amazing people over at the Alberta Cancer Research Foundation, the rest was history


The hip hop scene is drastically different from city to city. How has your experience differed in each city across Canada?

I love the idea of traveling, but over the last 5 years I have been so focused on my own development and who I am as an artist that I haven’t paid too much attention to the hip hop scene in other cities.  What I can say is this: in my opinion, Toronto has the population that creates the supply of artists pushing for shine with some healthy competition.  Calgary has less population, thus less artists pushing for shine and most definitely less hip hop artists pushing for shine through healthy competition.


Do you have any other upcoming projects in the works? If so, can you tell us about them? 

I have so many ideas in the queue it’s exciting! Currently I am focusing on expanding my catalog and creating strong visuals.  “Freedom” will be an exciting visual project as it deals with relevant topics in our current society like: “Am I working to live or am I living to work?”

I am big into fitness, so I reached out to a very influential DJ in the dance fitness world and am looking forward to working with him on one of my next projects titled “Just Watch”.  We working 😉


 What is your favourite aspect of performing and why?  

My favourite aspect of performing is the power of connection! Once I connect with the crowd or even one person, I love working to raise their energy and gain their trust even more.  What can I say, I love being the underdog and taking on the challenge of moving the crowd from cold to SOLD!




Subscribe to Keston’s youtube channel KestonMusic to be the first to see the video and donate to “The Positive Music Project”.  Any donation over fifteen dollars will receive a tax write-off form sent directly to their email. Please be sure to fill out ALL areas of the donation document when donating or else the donation will not work.  

Thank you so much!

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