Have a person in your life where music is their religion and they eat, sleep and breathe it? Whether it’s just a genuine appreciation or time holed up in the studio, we have you covered.

Looking for something special for the Freq in your life? After talking to some Calgary aficionados, cruising the internet for those tantalizing ideas, and testing out a bevy of products (some more fun than others), we have finally narrowed it down to several unique gifts available both in Calgary and on the worldwide web.



Beatdrop DJ 101 Course
$599 – beatdrop.ca

Know someone interested in all the latest music who loves the idea of making people dance? Well maybe it is time to level up that person’s game from iPod DJ to something a little more pro. Beatdrop’s DJ 101 class provides the unique opportunity to learn the basics of song structure, beat matching and even some fundamental turntablism skills, on top-of-the-line equipment with some of Calgary’s best electronic music professionals.

Munitio Pro.40 High Performance Headphones
$349 – munitio.com

Looking for the perfect pair of headphones? We suggest Munitio Pro.40, which combines cutting-edge technology with svelte style, functionality, and superior sound quality. These babies pack a sonic punch with dramatically vivid audio—velvety bass coupled with symphonic resonance. For you ballers, we recommend black with gold accents.

#savefabric Compilation
$9.99 – fabriclondon.com

The dance community recently suffered a great loss by way of the closure of seminal London dance club Fabric. The battle to reopen Fabric is ongoing, as the club continues to fight the somewhat underhanded decision by the Islington council to shut down this cultural institution. To assist with legal fees, the club has put out a 111-track compilation of some of the finest dance music. All proceeds will go towards re-opening the club, so grab a compilation for your loved one’s stocking stuffer, and grab another for yourself while you’re at it.

For many of you, this might seem like a far-away problem, but it’s not. Dance venues are being closed everyday as condos and business offices encroach on the stomping grounds of those who need an escape from the mire of everyday life by sweating it out on the dancefloor. So, fight the power; fight NIMBY-ism; fight for dance music culture. On November 20, Fabric won its appeal and will be reopening its doors #savedfabric





From the curious to the bizarre, make sure to really stuff that stocking this holiday season:

Hotel Capitani: Autumn by Penny Cavallo
Kindle Price $5.99 – amazon.ca

How about advice from an expert? Rock ’n’ Roll Flapper, Professional Burlesque Artist & Instructor Lola Frost suggests the gift of erotic lit—and her special tip? “Try and read it to your partner as they go down on you and see how far you can get!” In the erotic novella Hotel Capitani, it’s the sexy inner desires of guests and staff at a hotel are revealed over the course of a very naughty day.

$60-$200 – bad-dragon.com

Bad-Dragon.com has an assortment of curious pleasure pieces. This site features handmade, custom sex toys for that special person you know with a fantastical creature fetish! Each toy comes with an erotic (and strange as hell) back story. With names like “Spritz the Sea Dragon” and “Hazel the Werewolfess,” there’s something for everyone!

The OhMiBod
$59-$129 – ohmibod.com

This device is a music-powered vibrating sex toy, which translates an electronic musical output into vibrations—a perfect addition if your sex freq happens to also be a music freq!



We all want to be that person who found the perfect trendy gift for your oh so trendy friends. The best way to approach gift buying is to think outside the box.


Panties in a box – Blush, Hipster/Shorty
$33.00 – bambooballroom.ca
Bamboo Ballroom – 1218 9 Ave SE, Calgary

This little box is like a secret treasure. Who knew you could fit three pairs of panties in such an itty bitty package. Panties in a box is a perfect way to carry around a couple extra pairs for those times when you REALLY need them. Ladies you know what I’m talking about.

Local Laundry “CAN” Snap back,
$39.95 – locallaundryapparel.com
Stuff 4 Him – 102, 709 11 Avenue SW, Calgary

Who doesn’t love local brands? We especially love local brands that give back to the community, and have rad logos on their apparel to boot. Local Laundry is an organization that gives all that love back by donating 10% of profits to local charities. This cap is sleek, with Local Laundry’s unique logo capturing Canadian pride. It’s an absolute must have.

Stainless Steel Flask – IZOLA 3oz
$34.00 – izola.com
Purr – 1227 9 Ave SE, Calgary

“To My Health?” Yes, please! The perfect pocket flask for the fashionable man in your life. This 3oz jewel fits and hides well in all your pockets: pants pocket, jacket pocket, pouch pocket. It’s stainless steel, engraved, fits-in-your-hand and is the perfect stocking stuffer. You can stuff it anywhere you like, you dapper man.


 The smoking industry has upped their game and new accessories are lighting up the shelves like hits from a bong.

Vapium Summit+ Vaporizer
$199 – vapium.com
Grassroots Hemp & Smoke Shop – 112 10 St. NW, Calgary

This vaporizer is as rugged as a lumberjack. Canadian-made and built to withstand extreme weather conditions, you can show off your true north pride by taking it with you wherever the trail may lead. The new Summit+ also has the ability to pair with your smartphone, allowing you to set your preferred temperature and control session time. It’s reliable, durable and innovative. Oh, and it vapes well too!

If you like this product, you’ll probably also want to look into their badass Spring Solar Charger as a great little add-on. $35

Yocan Evolve Plus Wax Vaporizer
$65 – yocantech.com

The Yocan Evolve Plus wax vape pen is all about a clean, flavourful, big cloud hit. If you’re looking for value, it’s hard to beat the quality of this product without paying a premium for it. Its super sleek design uses quartz coils instead of traditional ceramic to make your experience as smooth as the clouds you’ll be exhaling. This pen is also devoid of any cheap plastic parts, but retails at half the price of comparable units. At this rate you can buy one for your friend and one for yourself too!

The Medtainer Canada
$10-$40 – medtainercanada.ca

 This combo storage and grinding apparatus is the perfect smoking companion. Its airtight abilities hide the scent of even the smelliest herbs and it doubles as a grinder so you can bust up your bud on the go. Made with medical grade plastic, the Medtainer is FDA approved, environmentally safe and comes in two different optimal sizes. It’s sure to become your new favourite stash box leaving you to wonder how you ever went without it.

Bonus Gift – The Medtainer is also the perfect size to house a pack of rolling papers. Looking to sweeten the pot? Throw in some Gizeh Rolling Papers—slow burning and available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. We recommend trying the unbleached hemp. Gizeh-online.com



For the food enthusiast in your life! Make sure to invite yourself for dinner.

Anova Precision Cooker
$199 – ca.anovaculinary.com

You may have heard about sous viding, a cooking technique where food is submerged in water inside of a bag. Restaurant quality sous vide cookers start at astronomical prices, but Anova has made a home version that is both affordable and reliable. It’s the slow cooker of the future, and can be started from anywhere using an app on your phone. Your foodie will be making perfectly-cooked steaks, veggies, soups, pastries and pastas in no time (and you will be reaping the tasty benefits)!


Keys to Good Cooking by Harold McGee
$42 – indigo.ca
Available at Chapters or Indigo locations

 If you want to take a step beyond just following recipes and having true understanding of food, this book is one of the best to learn from. Keys to Good Cooking explains the chemical and molecular compositions of your favourite foods, and how they react to being cooked—a complete game changer. Pair with On Food and Cooking, McGee’s other book, and blow your giftee’s mind.


Knife: Masakage Yuki Santoku 165mm
$179.00 – knifewear.com
Knifewear – 1316 9 Ave SE, Calgary

Santoku is a multi-purpose knife originating in Japan that has become more and more popular in Western kitchens due to its unique shape and smaller, easy to handle size. Santoku means ‘Three Virtues’ or ‘To solve Three Problems’ the problems of the kitchen being slicing, dicing and mincing. Made by a blacksmith who has been making knives for over 50 years, Hiroshi Kato (Takefu Village), this particular line from Masakage has been named “Yuki” (snow) due to the frosty finish, not to mention the white (magnolia) and red (pakka wood) handle which really give it a wintery look.


Now get gifting! Special thanks to Lola Frost, EM-J (@kootenaycannabis), James Chouinard & Chef Clayton Hanner.


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