On the day of the flopped Mayan Apocalypse prediction, the end of the world was the furthest thing from Parachute Youth member Johnny Castro’s mind: “But if we go…well shit. That sucks.”

“[If the world were to end] I reckon I’d chuck on some Marvin Gaye.” The world survived and following a whirlwind year of festivals, hits, and continuing accolades, Parachute Youth will have more time to bask in the glow of their huge successes, garnering support from Australian industry insiders such as Empire of the Sun and The Presets, and an interesting, yet large fan base in Eastern Europe: “Yeah, we’re number one in Lithuania, also Belgium, Ukraine and a few others – weird to think about, but it’s definitely cool.”

Parachute Youth is comprised of Johnny Castro and Matt K Von, who’ve been producing and “mucking around” for a bit together. It wasn’t until one night at a “lame party” that they found their groove and wrote their breakthrough single, ‘Can’t Get Better Than This.’ It was the perfect symbiotic relationship between Matt, a classically trained musician and Johnny who made the leap from a career as an avionics technician who is completely self-taught.

Parachute Youth wrapped up 2012 with multiple awards and acknowledgements. They not only won the coveted Best Track/Remix at the In The Mix Awards for ‘Can’t Get Better Than This’, (beating out Knife Party’s ‘Internet Friends’) but also were runners up for the Best Video too. Also added to lists by MTV Iggy and Triple J as a top pick of 2012.

To kick off 2013, Parachute Youth are doing it in a big way. They are touring with Australian electronic maestros, The Presets. When asked about it, they responded elatedly, “We’re really, really amped, [and it’s] just amazing to be able to support them. We’re excited for the venues. Some of our favourite acts have played the same stages.” Clearly, they have massive respect for The Presets and are thrilled to be able to tour, learn from, and play alongside The Presets every night, who they describe as “paving the way for the Australian music scene.”

Aside from the Australian tour, 2013 will also bring forth a European tour later in the year, as well as an EP to be released and remixes to look forward to. A new video for the track “Count to Ten” is on the horizon. Recently shot in New York in December, the video is to be released early in the new year. Compared to their previous video for “Can’t Get Better Than This,” their newest video is more abstract, but the duo is excited to share it with their fans. Similarly Parachute Youth will not be appearing in their second video either. According to the duo, “A lot of videos these days have people just jumping in front of the screen and showing their face off…which is cool, that’s fine, but I think we’d prefer to tell a story instead of just putting ourselves in it. It gives it a different effect.”

Never having been to North America, it’s a guaranteed destination for the future with the duo eager to travel and tour as much as possible. When questioned about what they know about Canada, an emphatic response of “Deadmau5, for sure!” Guess that’s better than the stereotypical maple syrup, flannel and igloos…

By: Shalane Kerr

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