This coming weekend, our friends at Le Cirque de la Nuit bring us another massive production in the form of Muzique. It’s so fitting, that headlining this insane cacophony of lights, music and performance will be CloZee – France’s best export to the North American bass scene.

For the last couple of years, CloZee has been making a massive name for herself around these parts. She’s been putting out release after release, and touring extensively (basically to the point of exhaustion). Her music is difficult to typify. It’s possible to hear glitch hop influences, however she has definitely put her own mark on her sound through her years of classical guitar training as well as her love for nature and organic sound sampling, such as flowing water. After this summer her name became a major buzzword in the bass community, mostly due to her absolutely incredible performances on the North American festival circuit.

We caught up with CloZee to chat about what she thinks her genre is, her love for food, as well as the plans for her upcoming Calgary appearance and the rest of 2017.

Freq: Ive been so engrossed in the North American bass scene for the last several years that its hard for me to imagine the scene elsewhere. How did a girl from France come to start making crazy bass music?

CloZee: When I was a teenager, I spent so many hours on the Internet listening to music (mainly on Deezer, YouTube and SoundCloud). [From that] I’ve discovered some incredible artists with a unique sound. A lot of them were from overseas (The Glitch Mob, The Widdler, Nosaj Thing, Thriftworks, Beats Antique) and I was super inspired by them to start making music.

Obviously your sound crossed over to North America and was a pretty great fit. How did that happen?

Once again, thanks to SoundCloud, and several American blogs that keep sharing my music, my fan base has been growing quickly in America (compared to other parts of the world). The label Gravitas Recordings from Austin has also been the main catalyst for my U.S. fan base and for my American tours. My style of music fits more here than in Europe. Thanks to the Burning Man scene, and the transformational festivals I think.


I often see your music referred to as glitch or glitch hop. Would you agree with that?

Two years ago, I’d say most of my music was definitely glitch or glitch hop. Now it’s very different, we can’t refer to it as only this genre. I love every kind of music, and I’m inspired by everything. I compose the music I want to produce at the moment, and it’s very various. I like to call my type of music “world bass” (a mix of world music and bass music), it’s a global term that I think describes it well.

Have you ever gotten the chance to tell ediT what a huge influence hes been to you? Live Great North Festival 2015

Yes, it was very short moment, but surreal. We were both at Lightning in a Bottle last year, playing at the Thunder Stage (he played under Crying Over Porcelain, with Ooah). He was chilling backstage, so I just came at him, hugged and thanked him. I told him I wouldn’t be here, playing at LiB, if his music hadn’t inspired me.

Do you feel like youve made it? If so, was there a particular moment where it all clicked? If not, what would have to happen for you to feel you have?

Sometimes I forget how incredible it is to be where I am now. I have to say to myself  ‘hey, you’re touring America, you can make a living out of your passion, a lot of people would like to do what you do now.’

I work a lot, because this is what I want to do, and nothing else. It’s a tough path, but I’m very grateful for what’s happening and for all the amazing people who works with me to make this happen. I’m not gonna stop where I am though. I have a lot more goals.

I read you love food (meeeee tooooo!). Do you tend to stick to French cuisine or do you like to try tons of different things?

I love everything! I actually eat more foreign cuisine than french cuisine. Even at home. Except wine, cheese and bread. I can’t live without it. The awesome thing about a touring, is that you also do a food world tour. When I’m traveling I love to try different restaurants and ask for recommendations from local people. Eating well is as important as playing a good show in my opinion. Haha!

If you were going to compare your music to a food, which food would you choose?

I was waiting for the moment someone is gonna ask me this questions. Well done, haha! I’d say it’s like a Tom Kha Gai (Thai galangal chicken coconut soup).  There are a lot of flavours, it’s various in spices, and surprising – you never know when you’re gonna find the chili pepper and have your mouth on fire.

Press shot 2Shambhala Music Festival in Canada has been my home festival for many years. I can never resist asking an artist how it was for them. So, how was it for you?

It was incredible! The Grove has such an amazing vibe, I still feel the atmosphere of this stage and their people resonating in me, especially during the set. The sound and  production quality of the whole festival is unreal. Last year I arrived at Shambhala during the night (our artist shuttle broke in the middle of nowhere), so i was way too excited to finally arrive, because it took us so much time to get there. All the stages were already playing, full of people, with lights and lasers going nuts, I was like: Holy shit, this place is like a dream.

This coming weekend youll be playing in Calgary for the Cirque de la Nuit posse. I think its a perfect fit for your music! Do you know much about them?

I didn’t know about them before, but i’ve heard amazing things about Le Cirque de la Nuit since I was booked! People keep telling me how special their events are. I’m sure it’s going to be a very memorable one, and I’m so looking forward to it! Super honoured they booked me!

What can we expect from your Calgary show?

A journey through all kind of rhythms and musical landscapes, always driven by a tribal, ethnic feel. I’ll play a lot of new music (from my new EP and unreleased tracks). It’s gonna be 80% original music, and 20% music from artists I love. I’m also looking for playing with the performers. Improvising with them to add some aive moments is something I love. I’m very inspired by them and their energy.

Youve been a very busy lady for the last few years with constant tours, releases and remixes. Whats coming up in 2017?

I’m working on a new live show back in France, with a violinist and a visual artist. Once I’m back home I’ll keep collaborating on that, and play a couple of shows in Europe. I’m also working on a new chill release (downtempo, trip hop), slowly. Then I have some official remixes coming out in the next months. Also, we are working on the summer tour (I’ll be back in July and August) for the festival season in America and to go to Burning Man for the first time!!! YAY!). Then, a new CloZinger EP, which is my side project with Scarfinger.

Ending off, I always like to ask people I view as successful about life lessons. Whats the most important piece of advice youve ever heard or come up with yourself through your own experiences?

I’ve learned to enjoy each minutes of this journey. Do what you love, because you only live once.

Don’t miss out on this weekend’s festivities! The lineup includes tons of fantastic local artists/performers as well as headliners Qdup, EVeryman and Omnika in Motion. For tickets to Muzique click here!

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