Over the last few years, Le Cirque de la Nuit has established themselves as the premiere group when it comes to throwing multiple sensory events. They combine circus performances, DJs, dance troupes, art and costuming for complete environmental transformation. Attendees feel immersed in another world during Cirque events.

Le Cirque de la Nuit’s latest event Muzique was an aural playground for a sold out crowd. The lineup was massive, with Qdup, EVeryman and CloZee headlining the festivities. The night’s memories were captured through the lens of Michael Trudeau. Compiled here are some of the best moments of Muzique.

CIRQUE_FREQ_MichaelTrudeauPhotography_Jan2017_-11Le Cirque de la Nuit events are known for their high calibre performance artists. Here, an aerial hooper welcomes us to Muzique from the stage at Marquee.


CIRQUE_FREQ_MichaelTrudeauPhotography_Jan2017_-32Muzique was an event embracing many types of artistry, not just music and dancing. Emma Justine, an artist from the Big Kitty Crew, live paints a mandala. Starting with a blank canvas, attendees could watch her progress throughout the night.


CIRQUE_FREQ_MichaelTrudeauPhotography_Jan2017_-27Le Cirque de la Nuit events put a high emphasis on dressing up. These two pay homage to Muzique headliner Clozee with a similar makeup style while showing off the Cirque merch booth.


CIRQUE_FREQ_MichaelTrudeauPhotography_Jan2017_-33The crowd at Muzique was all smiles.


CIRQUE_FREQ_MichaelTrudeauPhotography_Jan2017_-46Cirque parties showcase unbelievably creative dance and performance art troupes. A rapt audience watches the performance from the dancefloor.


CIRQUE_FREQ_MichaelTrudeauPhotography_Jan2017_-54MC EVeryman was one of the headliners at Muzique. His music is uplifting, and a perfect fit for Le Cirque de la Nuit.


CIRQUE_FREQ_MichaelTrudeauPhotography_Jan2017_-41Throughout the night there were more aerial performances. This time, a dancer on silks is the focal point of the room.


CIRQUE_FREQ_MichaelTrudeauPhotography_Jan2017_-67A packed dancefloor is always a sign of really good times.


CIRQUE_FREQ_MichaelTrudeauPhotography_Jan2017_-70There was a lot of live art and art installations at Muzique setting an almost festival vibe. A large piece from artist Tara Handelman became a centerpiece of the event.


CIRQUE_FREQ_MichaelTrudeauPhotography_Jan2017_-64During performance, dancers share a laugh on stage.

CIRQUE_FREQ_MichaelTrudeauPhotography_Jan2017_-82Cirque parties always go out with a bang. All the performers gather on stage to bid the crowd farewell.

To view the full album from Muzique, click here.

All photos by Michael Trudeau Photography.

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