What Calgary is currently lacking, is a superhero-costume-themed electronic music concert. Thankfully, PK Sound has decided to fill that gap in our electronic hearts. Not only can you step into your Bat-boots or Elektra spandex and throw down at Flames Central on March 09, but 100% of the ticket proceeds are going to charity. The lineup includes Subvert, An-Ten-Nae, Freq Nasty, Mark Instinct and Kousk, with potentially more to come.

PK is a manufacturer of large format concert sound systems, they wanted to create bigger, louder and all around bad-der music gear than what was available. They’ve toured with artists like Excision, Skrillex, Bassnectar and Datsik. Music has played an integral role in the lives of PK crew members who are a passion bound family of DJs, music artists, and producers. Paul Magnuson (a.k.a. DJ Paul Who?) is the director of marketing for PK and he explains that the PK crew, “all came together with the same goal – to build sound systems like we had never heard before”. So they worked to build capital in their chosen professions, in order to “starve for 12 months” Magnuson puts it, to feed their start up baby.

PK has partnered with Antyx Community Arts Program and Beat Drop DJ School for the fundraiser. Their target recipients are Calgary’s underprivileged and at-risk youth. For PK, music was an outlet that integrated them into a community of like-minded, electronic music comrades. At age 16 Magnuson opted for a turntable from his parents instead of a vehicle and he explains, “I think what helped all of us overcome feelings of being left out or disassociated, was through music”.

PK are hoping to fund at least two mobile digital studios with the funds raised from the Be a Hero! concert. The mobility aspect came from Antyx, which is an art outreach program. Ayntx goes right into the homes of their students. With these studios, Mitch Lee from Beat Drop will be able to instruct recipients on how to use the software and gear. Magnuson’s excited at the prospect of helping create an experience that could possibly be a vehicle for the next Skrillex.

The other charity that will receive funds from the event is the Khan Seng School in Cambodia. The school boasts 450 students with no financial support from the government. Khan Seng is kept running largely by monks who have had to sell personal possessions to keep it alive. Magnuson illustrates that “ the money we raise here will go a long way in Cambodia.”

So what does PK get out of all of this? Magnuson says humbly, “Giving back is important to us because we get up every day loving what we do. We were these kids who didn’t have the opportunity that other people in Calgary had. I want to put something relevant in their hands”.

BE A HERO! And on March 9th don your cape and bust into Flames Central to celebrate, dance, dance, dance and drive change. Tickets can be purchased at PK’s Event Facebook Page.

By: Natasha Puka

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