Having clobbered his way through a number of festivals this summer, Audit drops his Back to Normal EP on Homebreakin Records. Anything but a normal release, this EP brings its own funk to the tables, as a vocal sample in “Weirdo Beat” commands, “put the needle to the groove and listen”.

Audit layers a nice balance of organic and digital sounds throughout this release (notably the flute drop on the title track). The beats build anticipation as they roll on hardly getting settled, however late claps and plenty of filtered synths manage to keep the overall vibe chill throughout. There is really nice work with reverbs and delays. Every track has its share of both, helping to create a sense of space for the listener. A space, like a forest. A forest full of lazers. A forest full of lazers where friends hand you water bottles when you’re thirsty. Maybe you’ve been? Audit has, and so have these tracks.

After being rinsed multiple times at festivals like BASSCOAST and being put through the remix gauntlet by Max Ulis and Wax Romeo, this EP could just stay where it is, leaving normal to someone else. Besides, normal is boring… so let’s get weird.

By: Michael Wieckowski

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