I never, ever go to parties before 10:30 p.m. I just don’t do it. This rings true for most nightlife loving Calgarians. If you go to any bar before 10:00 p.m., the dancefloor will be a ghost town. Aside from a couple drunk ladies loving life, the place will most likely be desolate.


This, was not the case at Le Cirque de la Nuit’s Aerialis.


We arrived at 9:00 p.m. sharp, an hour I thought was ungodly early. The plan was to scope the venue to find the best photo spots, and check out our home girl Ms. Hazard’s opening set. Well, that plan failed epically so. We walked in, and the place was JAM PACKED. In actuality, the doors opened at eight, and we completely missed Ms. Hazard. It turns out the Cirque crew start early, and bring it 110% from the get-go.


For those unfamiliar with Le Cirque du la Nuit, they feature amazing circus style performers as well as music acts. There are satellite stages with sideshow style performers practicing prop manipulation, go-go, contortion, burlesque, belly dance and whatever else might tickle your fancy, and all the craziness fires up from the beginning of the night. The Cirque crowd all come early, and as a result the party is full on, right from whatever time the doors open. Walking into Flames Central, it was actually overwhelming.


Mr. B was on the decks, and the party was bumpin’. He was playing an all vinyl set to the sold out room, while adorned by aerial hoop performers and Melissai, rocking a giant hula-hoop. Dressed up attendees were not in short supply. Probably one of the most interesting things about Cirque shows is the level of crowd participation. You were out of place at Aerialis if you weren’t dressed up. In fact, I thought I put a fair bit of effort in, and I was a bit underdressed. My 2011 Burning Man outfits weren’t cutting it. Aerialis had a special vibe, just in that the attendees clearly all planned their outfits for weeks. The atmosphere didn’t particularly feel like Calgary, and in fact felt more like Black Rock City.


When the man behind the Cirque shows, Bass Caravan, took the stage with his Roving Company of Curiosities, it’s safe to say they stole the show. Bringing the ruckus from start to finish, their set was nothing short of amazing. While Bass Caravan rinsed the place with his brand of gypsy bass, the stage was full of astounding performers practicing jaw-dropping feats. For me, Mihalea Duv and Luna really stood out. Mihaela performed a bout of particularly eye-catching contortion and hooping, and then followed it up on the aerial hoop above the stage. After Mihaela, Luna came onto that stage and absolutely owned it with a multiple hoop performance that was incredible. It’s not very often I’m wowed by a hoop performance to that degree. Ms. Luna lit that place up. Bass Caravan ended his set with the stage flanked by two aerial hoopers, slowly rotating in complete unison.


A woman came onto the stage with a huge white dress, and suddenly it was video mapped with Cirque animations! What a beautiful ending to a great show. We were beyond impressed. Looking around, so were the other attendees.


Calgary based Defunk was up next. He’s been making waves in the bass music community with tons of releases, and has even had the honour of being released on Pretty Lights Music. Many Calgarians don’t even know he resides in our fair city. He brought a live saxophonist with him, as collaborating with other musicians is one of Defunk’s true loves. The drum and bass in his set was a welcome change of pace and really seemed to excite the crowd.


Pumpkin, who has very quickly become a fan favourite here in Calgary ended things off for us. Since last year’s Shambhala, Pumpkin has really cemented himself as a bass hero to those that like it deep, bassy and melodic. I think he’s played here at least three times in the last twelve months, and it seems that people just can’t get enough of him.



All in all, Aerialis was an amazing event. The Cirque crew seriously outdid themselves with this one. You know a party is good when the next morning on Facebook, your burly manly friends are stating “Those circus kids really know how to party.” Indeed. In fact, we can’t wait for the next Cirque de la Nuit offering. Next time, we’ll be there when the doors open!


A big thanks to Cirque de la Nuit for having us out. To keep up with everything Cirque, follow them on Facebook.

By: Kayla Graham

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  1. Amanda

    Great review. Too bad it failed to mention the hypnotic genius that was Omnika.
    Those cats blew me away!

  2. Kelly

    Hey Girl, Fab job on this article. I indeed thought the show was kickass. High five.


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