It’s been a minute since Calgary had a weekly local’s DnB event to wile out at. Sure, we have a healthy local scene, but more often that not, shows centre around the big names rather than our local movers and shakers. At the end of the day, it’s our locals that keep the heart of our scene beating. Without support for them, it ceases to exist. Every single headliner you see started as a local somewhere, and nurturing these talents isn’t just good for a city, it’s necessary for the livelihood of our niche communities.


Two Saturdays ago saw the first chapter of 403 DNB’s new locals focused weekly, and it’s been a roaring success to say the least. For two weeks now, walking into Nite Owl has been 100% vibes! Both weeks have been completely rammed, and have sold out completely. Clearly the fabric of Calgary’s drum and bass community has been ready for this type of event: inexpensive, intimate, and a chance to focus on community and friends rather than whomever the DnB flavour of the month just might be.


403 DNB have been at the forefront of Calgary’s drum and bass community for a while now. In fact, they’ve been pushing the genre so much that they’ve created a rep for Calgary across North America, and even across the UK and Europe. Case in point, in London earlier this year I was at an album release party for Break, one of DnB’s most talented and eclectic producers (in my opinion). I saw a guy wearing a Blue Jays hat. Knowing he must be Canadian I went to say what’s up. Right away, he guessed I must be from Calgary, because from what he’d heard living it up in London, Calgary’s DnB scene is popping off thanks to the 403 crew and their subsequent Calgary fam.


One of things I find most admirable when looking at the upcoming schedule of these nights, is that 403 is trying to solidify different crews throughout Calgary as well as neighbouring cities like Banff and Edmonton. Rinse isn’t just about showcasing the usual 403 DNB suspects; it’s about unity in our scene and community. And that is something that is A-OK with me!


Based on appearances from the first two chapters of Rinse, the Calgary DnB fam is on board and ready to support this new endeavour. This week features a journey through the many facets of liquid drum and bass, led by a Calgary producer making waves on BIG labels, Dan Dakota. This guy has releases on Hospital Records, he’s not playing around. Other artists featured this Saturday will be Obscene, Stirling D., JediCheek, Scottie D and AVERSIVE – a young woman making some waves herself with some dope productions.

To view the upcoming Rinse schedule, visit There’s a lot to look forward to in the weeks to come, like 403 DNB’s Christmas bash on December 5 featuring NYMFO.


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