Albertans know that August usually heralds a quick descent into winter. For many that gauge summer’s end by festivals, Shambhala is seen as that final celebration of summer. Nestled in the mountains of the Kootenays, summer’s passing is a memorable fun-fuelled weekend that has music lovers dancing to the wee hours of the morning in one of the most idyllic festival settings in the world. Perusing through the festival’s musical selection, every act is curated to lure festival goers out of the comfort of their campsites for days on end – and trust us, sleep is notoriously not an option with so much good music at your fingertips. With seven stages and an impressive line of 100+ artists it might be apparent who the large lures are (UZ, Datsik, Stanton Warriors, Opiuo). But once you get to those meticulously programmed stages and have danced for your favourite act, you might luckily stumble upon an unfamiliar name. So, whom should you stay put for? Well, look no further because Freq has compiled a list, after several office listening parties, as we pack our bags for our Shambhala adventures.

Stage: Amphitheatre

Come for – People Under the Stairs

There is a reason why this duo has performed on almost every single continent in the world (besides Antarctica); talented, innovative, with an impressive DIY work ethic, they are one of the most successful fully-independent hip hop groups in the industry to date.

Stay for – Kastle

Formerly known by moniker B.Rich, Kastle has managed to transition from the wobble-y bassline to more restrained garage inflected and R’n’B-tinged production, which has further evolved into a not-to-be-missed lifetime show.

Stage: Fractal

Come for – Krafty Kuts

This undisputed ‘King of Breaks’ meticulously crafts his performances for the dancefloor. His newest release managed to seamlessly encompass many genres making it easy to understand why he is a Shambhala favourite.

Stay for – Sampology

We always love a ‘tongue in cheek’ and this Australian native manages to do just that. Through the use of video work that is a fun and entertaining mixture of old movies, cartoons and well…cats, the Fractal forest is the perfect stage for Sampology to dazzle.

Stage: The Living Room

Come for – Truth

NZ dubstep duo, Truth, have been making waves in dubstep since their 2007 release on Deep Midi Music. Thick with atmosphere, dark in their production, their performances are laden with dancefloor beats that will take you back to the beginning of what dubstep was, while giving you a glimpse at the genre’s future.

Stay for – Sanctums

The Calgary-based duo comprised of Evangelos Typist and Dan Solo create ethereal, haunting music. Influenced by highly unlikely sources such as film scores, white noise, hip hop, metal and classical music. The result is beautiful music that causes you to sway and move on the dancefloor. Their newest release on the Modern Math imprint, entitled 001, translates the duo’s ethos beautifully.

Stage: The Pagoda

Come for – Justin Martin

California native and Dirty Bird Justin Martin is the sort of DJ that everyone loves to have at their most beloved festival. Last time he played, landing a couple of hours before, he had his set fully equipped with a headlamp and eager to explore. That eagerness bleeds into his genuine desire to throw the dancefloor into a tumultuous frenzy.

Stay for – Sophie

The London-based producer, shrouded in mystery, released one of one of our favourite releases of 2013 on Jackmaster’s label, Nmbrs. With a cache of interesting sounds, catchy hooks and the support of tastemakers like Annie Mac, our curiosity is peaked and we cannot wait to see what he delivers.

Stage: The Village

Come for – Foreign Beggars

The idea of a performing group in electronic music is rare, but grime/dubstep group Foreign Beggars, has been working and perfected their formula, Their newest release The Uprising on Deadmau5 label, and recent collaboration I Am Legion with drum and bass legends Noisia guarantees that although this might be the first time you see them, it won’t be the last.

Stay for – Griz

It is always said by natives and visitors that “Detroit hustles harder,” and Michigan native Griz easily shows anyone witnessing his genre-bending act with self-provided accompaniment that there is action behind all of that talk.

By: Sheena Jardine-Olade
Photo (main page): Courtesy KMD Photography 

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