There is a cliché out there that explains how some people have a near-destined path in their lives, that they are “born to be” doing what they are.

Have you met DJ ANNA? Allow us to introduce you. This incredibly hard working and prolific producer’s star has been steadily rising in recent years. ANNA has released deep hypnotic techno and tech-house productions on many of the most well-known and respected labels around the world like Terminal M, Turbo, Tronic, Kraftek and more, and most recently Diynamic. She has produced original mixes, remixed and had many techno stalwarts—like Richie Hawtin, Damian Lazarus and Carl Cox—remix and endorse her songs.

She won Best Breakthrough Artist 2016 at the DJ Awards in Ibiza and is not only in heavy rotation on BBC Radio 1 but a regular on Top Five Beatport sales charts weekly. She’s relocated to Barcelona. She travels non-stop, playing clubs and festivals at a relentless pace. Her latest adventure is an arduous and extensive world tour that is taking her across the world, sometimes crossing continents within days and performing in several countries within the same week.

Despite all her hard work, natural talent and true love for music, for the underground and for techno, she’s also had one fateful circumstance on her side. Growing up in the small town of Amparo, Brazil, Ana Miranda’s father was a club owner. After she complained about the quality of the music one night, he challenged her to do better, and at the tender age of 14 ANNA taught herself to DJ, and began to play his clubs.

I grew up in this club environment, years before I started DJing, so of course it all influenced me to have an interest for the club culture, for the music, and I ended up on this path,” ANNA says, explaining that everything she knew at the beginning, she learned from going to Sao Paolo and the local DJs.

Sao Paulo had a huge impact on the first years of my career, in the beginning I didn’t have a computer or internet, so I used to travel there from the small town where I grew up to see what was going on, to listen to new music, discover new artists—it was pretty much where my musical identity was shaped,” she says.

She describes her tutelage in music as guided by all the DJs “like family” that worked in the six rooms of the club, and credits her good fortune in having access to all the equipment she needed to practice at home, mixing everything under the sun until she found her personal production signature: “I used to spend eight hours a day practicing. I used to mix everything from typical Brazilian music to a Josh Wink track.”

I think the magic happens when you have the combination of music and the space. There was one club in Sao Paulo called Lov.e, it was a very important part of my music history, it was a legendary club in Brazil, and it influenced a lot of artists at the time,” she says. “The style of music I play in a festival is totally different from the one I play in a club for example, the space I perform totally influences the music I play.”

With wide-ranging influences musically and geographically, now living in Europe, ANNA credits the experimentation of so many genres with bringing her eventually to techno. “I like the sounds, I like the energy, the artists I love, most of them are techno artists—I love everything about techno.”

Techno is loving ANNA. She is nearly finished her debut LP, and points to travel and the move to Barcelona as instrumental changes in the onset of her current wave of creativity; living in a place she always wanted to has given an energy to the album. She’s astonished by the recognition she is getting from artists that have inspired her from the beginning, and cites her release on Diynamic as a defining point of her career.

I am experiencing so many good moments in my career, things I have always dreamed about and worked my whole life for.”

So it is written.

At the time of print, DJ ANNA was on a world tour including stops in Toronto and Montreal, as well as Movement Festival in Detroit. Check her soundcloud @ and stay tuned for her upcoming debut LP

Words by: Magdalena Gorski

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