Since 2009 Toronto based duo Torro Torro have been fabricating their distinct sound by exploring the globe, incorporating dozens of domestic sounds from faraway regions, then re-appropriating it into energy-filled club heaters.

Although many of their productions lie well below the 128 beats-per-minute standard for nightclubs, that doesn’t stop them from packing the same amount of intensity as a big-room hit. Their latest track “Gotta Know,” a 111-bpm Moombahton offering that sounds like a war drum accompanying a legion of space marines, is currently in Beatport’s top Electro House Chart.

“It’s great to see original Moombahton tracks charting,” say Torro Torro members Mikey and Ev in an e-mail interview. “It shows that the sound has merit amongst more established genres, even though it really is just a sub-genre.”

Becoming known as figureheads in the relatively new sound of Moombahton has garnered the duo a significant amount of attention, yet their most interesting works probably fall under the banner of “tropical” or “global bass”. These are tracks that blend electro-house with the sounds of Cumbia, Dancehall, and Kuduro, just to name a few.

Being able to effectively pull off this style requires an artist to look beyond what’s popular in the scene to cultural landscapes that are far different from our own. This is no easy undertaking, but Torro Torro accomplishes it by finding inspiration in everything.

“Whatever we’re listening to is gonna play some role in shaping what we end up making in the studio,” says Torro Torro. “It could be a random YouTube video of a classic reggae track, a hardcore record from the ’90s, or a video game theme song.

“We pay close attention to the overall swing, and movement of whatever we’re making.”

“Thats real important, and I guess you could say that it’s based on what we’ve been listening to at the time.”

“On the other hand, we’ve always liked making hard hitting music that incorporates a lot of ‘aggressive’ sounds, so I guess we just try to find unique swing in the rhythm and combine it with whatever sounds we design that we’re really feeling.”

This cosmopolitanism is also present in SLOWED, a night the duo hosts in Toronto each month.

“Our SLOWED party is packed every month,” says the duo. “There’s no shortage of new ‘Slowed’ music either (below 115 bpm): Moombahton, Trap, Lean House/Slow House, Chopped N Screwed, Future Bass.

“We’ve been fortunate to have tons of acts perform at SLOWED, including: Cyril Hahn, RL Grime, Nadastrom, Baauer, Bro Safari, Craze, Dillon Francis, UZ… the list goes on.”

This list only offers a glimpse of what’s to come in the Canadian dance scene and the future of Torro Torro.

“We’re super excited about 2013,” The duo says. “Aside from our original works being released, we have two more remixes dropping in February, one for Interscope’s Zedd, and one for fellow Toronto boys Zeds Dead.”

“We have lots of new music being released this year, and we fully intend to push the Torro Torro sound forward, without being restricted by genres.

Catch Torro Torro bringing the global base @ HIFI Club February 16

By: Jonathan Crane

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