Minnesota dubstep artist Vaski, sees the music that he makes as an extension of who he is. With a variety of different interests that range from conspiracy theories to hip-hop, this 22 year old artist creates a unique spin on the dubstep genre that is a direct reflection of who he is.

“My music is an extension of me and my personality.” he says over the phone, “I really feel that everyone writes different styles [of music] because they are different. I think that is important for artists to experiment and combine things. That is why I got into dubstep in the first place, because I wanted to take dubstep and put my spin on it.”

Vaski says he notices that the older he gets the more his music becomes musical, melodic, and intense. His newest track released in September on Rottun Records is a perfect example of this productively mature meld.

“Earlier the music was an experiment in what kind of sounds I could make on the computer and they were pretty catchy for the times. I am older and more experienced, and I learned a lot about computer production in the last four years…dubstep has gotten pretty much as intense as it can get while still being musical.”

Vaski does find that the more melodic his songs are the better the response from his fans and that is something that he really cares about and factors in when producing his music.

“As a producer you create a lot of garbage before you [create a song] that you want to put out. I kind of feel that I have an ear of what people are into and when I am writing stuff I can tell if it is something that fans are going to like.”

As Vaski evolves slowly revealing to listeners piece by piece, who he truly is, he remains grateful to the people that have remained with him through the metamorphosis. “ I know that my style has changed, but so has the music. Artists progress, and I think that it is awesome that fans stick around.”

Vaski will be will be sharing his music with fans October 27 @The Distillery

By: Donatella Connolly

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