Darkness is a powerful force. It feeds fear, uncertainty, and the infinite possibilities of the unknown. Those that choose to use darkness (nighttime in particular), as their preferred artistic setting see the beauty of these things, and the things normally missed that shine through.

One such artist is Yoshito Hasaka, also known by his moniker, F7. Yoshito is a Tokyo-based app engineer, graphic designer and photographer. Working largely at night in crowded areas, his aim is to showcase the unique vibe of Tokyo through images in hopes that people in Japan and beyond can see his creations, and feel something about Tokyo’s “insane mood”.

“I had once worked for some jewelry companies as client work, and I think shooting cityscapes is in a way similar to shooting jewelry. It lightens up, especially at night,” Yoshito explains.

Despite focusing largely on cityscapes, through his work Yoshito has discovered a new favourite subject: neon signs. “Currently I’m more interested in neon signs, which are designed by people with heart who want to show and sell their identities in various ways,” he says.

Yoshito’s loves creating images using various methods, usually some sort of photography/design hybrid. Whether or not an image is largely embellished with design, Yoshito Hasaka’s message is the same.

“In my personal works, I’m free to think and create with no limit about expressing the ways I’m impressed with the awesomeness of human beings—what they created, what it’s been designed for, and how these creations are being enjoyed. This leads to my expressions of urban scenes. I hope those who see my works feel and react to them.”

Yoshito Hasaka’s work conveys beauty where many would ordinarily see nothing. He juxtaposes the familiarity of urban space, with the unfamiliarity of the immense beauty therein. By exposing the infinite possibilities of the unknown, Yoshito takes the beholder through darkness to the other side of uncertainty and discomfort. His works allow darkness to shine.

Check out Yoshito Hasaka’s work at http://f7th.com/#/home and follow him on instagram @ https://www.instagram.com/_f7/?hl=en

This interview has been edited for length and clarity

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